Environmental Planning

Environmental planning is a process of facilitating decision making to carry out land development with consideration given to the natural environment, social and economic factors in order to provide a holistic framework to achieve sustainable outcomes. Our goal is to create sustainable communities, which conserve and protect our natural resources responsibly. Humans are constantly consuming valuable resources in the name of progress. We aim to minimize the negative impacts and practices humans have on the environment and limited natural resources. Working in concert with nature helps landscapes be more resilient and adaptable.

Access to clean water is the most valuable resource we have on this planet. Our expertise in Smart Water technologies and efficient irrigation design benefits our Clients by reducing overconsumption and unnecessary waste. Proper grading and drainage of a site also has an impact on water usage and retention. We assist in rain water, gray water and storm water collection and redistribution. Designing with native plants is another method of not only saving water but providing vital habitat and cleaner air.

We assist our Clients with energy conservation by providing responsible design and planning. We utilize the latest technology to achieve energy conservation. Our designs include LED lighting, Solar Photovoltaic Systems as well as strategic landscape planning to reduce heating and cooling costs of habitable structures.